TomBlog: So much for hedging one’s bets!


So much for hedging one’s bets!

Last month we acquired a Pinus strobus ‘pendula’ and placed it in a suitably prominent location and, following Mr. Dirr’s strong admonition, we avoided both bad taste (two trees of this cultivar) and disgrace (three trees ditto).

However, events occur, intentions evolve and recently, SpindleTree was given another beautiful specimen of above Pinus which seriously threatens our ‘good taste’ with a descent into ‘bad taste’.

But I dither, Mr. Dirr! I am being forced, forced I say, to reconsider what was only a possibility a matter of a few weeks ago. Clearly I will have to succumb to the ‘bad taste’ decision of planting a second of these trees, BUT – perhaps it can be positioned with such skill and subtlety that the two will become as one, and we may yet regain our rightful position of acceptability in the gardening pantheon.

Today’s rain and high winds have broken the magic spell of gorgeous fall weather we’ve had for the past two weeks. The spindle trees are magnificent, the hydrangeas are glorious and the asters a riot of mouth-watering purple and rose.. We will enjoy them for as long as we can and try not to think about the ‘big freeze’ flexing its muscles just around the corner.