"Art adds a touch of humanity to the garden," says Brown... "It indicates the difference between nature's planting and a place that is controlled, defined and designed..."

~Interview (PDF) from the Winter 2010/2011 design issue of GardenMaking

"Look what happens when a really, really ambitious couple set their sights on turning their hardscrabble farm into a garden destination..."

~Article (PDF) from the June 2010 issue of Harrowsmith Country Life

"Tucked off the roadside, just south of Tamworth, is an 80-acre parcel of imagination and marvel known as SpindleTree Gardens..."

~Profile (PDF) from the 2010 issue of Kingston Life Interiors

"If you are a garden lover, you must, must, MUST, fill your car with likeminded friends and make SpindleTree Gardens a full-day excursion..."

~Review (PDF) from the February'09 Interiors issue of Ottawa Magazine

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